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Contract Conservator Program
The Contract Conservator Program is a fixed monthly fee compensation arrangement for court-appointed conservators serving indigent conserved persons. The following is a summary of the key elements of the contract conservator program:
  • Eligibility
    • No minimum number of current conservatorships to enroll
    • Contractor specifies Probate Courts from which appointments will be accepted and maximum number of appointments (must be willing to accept at least ten)
    • Contractor must accept all appointments within those parameters 
  • Compensation
    • Flat rate of $90 per month per client for service as conservator of person or estate or both
    • Additional one-time flat fee of $1,300 to handle Title XIX application
    • Rates apply to all of contractor’s appointments for indigent individuals
  • Quality Control Requirements:
    • Criminal background checks
    • Background screening for caseworkers
    • 24-7 caseworker availability
    • Completion of self-study training program for professional conservators
    • 3 hours annual continuing education
    • General and professional liability insurance and third party surety bond
  • Enrollment
    • Contractor may join on first day of July, October, January or April
    • Contracts renew automatically each July 1st 

The Contract Conservator Program aims to improve efficiency by replacing hourly rate billing with a simple flat-fee alternative. The flat fee structure is intended to deliver reasonable compensation through a streamlined billing process for conservators who take on a high number of cases representing varying degrees of complexity. 
Participation in the contract conservator program is voluntary. Conservators who opt into the program are compensated under the terms of the agreement for all appointments on behalf of indigent individuals. Contract conservators are not eligible for the hourly rate compensation under Regulation 16.

The form agreement for participation in the contract conservator program and instructions for completion can be found by clicking the link below. Agreements must be signed electronically and returned by email. To obtain the contract electronically, contact Attorney Evan Brunetti at or (860) 231-2442 ext. 314.

 Please feel free to contact Probate Court Administration with any questions at (860) 231-2442.​