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Office of the Probate Court Administrator
The Office of the Probate Court Administrator was established in 1967 to provide oversight and administrative support for the Probate Courts. The office is charged with developing legislation, regulations and policies to improve the Probate Court system. The office is also responsible for establishing uniform procedures for the courts. Beverly K. Streit-Kefalas, the current Probate Court Administrator, was appointed by Chief Justice Richard A. Robinson in 2019. Her biography can be found here.
The Office of the Probate Court Administrator is divided into four departments.
The Law Department provides legal advice and training for judges and court staff.

The Financial Services Department is responsible for budgeting, revenue collection, payroll, benefits administration and accounts payable. The department conducts periodic audits of the financial operations of the courts.

The IT Department maintains the computer network used by the courts. It develops the software application used to manage cases in the courts and operates a Help Desk for judges and court staff.

The Communications and Intergovernmental Relations Department organizes collaborative efforts between the Probate Court system and other state, federal and municipal government agencies. The department is responsible for the development, advocacy and implementation of the legislative initiatives of the Probate Court system. It also spearheads efforts to make information about the Probate Courts available to the public by maintaining a website, publishing User Guides for the types of cases heard in Probate Courts and by disseminating information to media outlets.