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Probate Court Budget Committee

C.G.S. section 45a-85 establishes the Probate Court Budget Committee consisting of the Probate Court Administrator, who serves as chairperson of the committee, and two probate judges appointed by the Connecticut Probate Assembly. Probate Court Regulation 28 sets forth the committee’s process and duties. 

Each year the committee establishes: 
  1. A compensation plan, which includes employee benefits, for employees of the Probate Courts,
  2. staffing levels for each Probate Court, and
  3. an office budget for each Probate Court.
 The committee is made up of three members:
     Committee Chair – Hon. Paul Knierim, Probate Court Administrator
Two probate judges appointed by the Probate Assembly: 
     Hon. Joseph Marino, Middletown Probate Court 
     Hon. Fred Anthony, Shelton Probate Court 
Budget Committee Agenda and Minutes


Budget Committee Materials

August 16, 2017 Meeting Materials

March 15, 2017 Meeting Materials

December 7, 2016 Meeting Materials

June 15, 2016 Meeting Materials

March 16, 2016 Meeting Materials

October 28, 2015 Meeting Materials

June 10, 2015 Meeting Materials

March 4, 2015 Meeting Materials

December 3, 2014 Meeting Materials

October 8, 2014 Meeting Materials

June 11, 2014 Meeting Materials

March 5, 2014 Meeting Materials

November 6, 2013 Meeting Materials

June 26, 2013 Meeting Materials

May 20, 2013 Meeting Materials

February 27, 2013 Meeting Materials

December 12, 2012 Meeting Materials

August 29, 2012 Meeting Materials


Budget Committee Annual Reports

2013 Budget Committee Annual Report

2012 Budget Committee Annual Report

2011 Budget Committee Annual Report

2010 Budget Committee Annual Report