Ebola Preparedness and Probate Court Jurisdiction
When the governor declares a public health emergency involving a communicable disease, like the Ebola virus, the Probate Courts have an important role in protecting the public interest and the rights of individuals. The Probate Courts are the venue for appealing a public health official’s order to isolate, quarantine or vaccinate an individual or group believed to be exposed to, infected with or otherwise at risk of passing the virus.
The form to begin the appeal process, CM-68, can be filled out online and filed electronically. A person appealing such an order has the right to be represented by an attorney. If the person is unable to pay for the attorney, the state will pay for the representation. Accommodations can be made to allow for quarantined individuals to participate in the proceedings remotely. Please call the local Probate Court or Probate Court Administration for details.
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