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Assistance for Individuals with Disabilities

Probate Courts strive to accommodate any person that requires access to court services and facilities. Probate judges often conduct hearings in hospitals and nursing homes to ensure the participation of the infirmed and elderly, especially when the person in the facility is the subject of the proceeding.

Request for Accomodation  ADA Request Form with Instructions

A request for an accommodation can be made at any time. It is best, however, to make the request as far in advance as possible in order to allow time to review your request and to make arrangements for the accommodation, if needed. You should give a minimum of ten (10) days’ notice. In emergency situations, the ten-day requirement can be waived.

Accommodations that can be made for the public include:

  • Sign Language Interpreting
  • FM Kits
  • Infared Systems
  • Real-Time Transcription
  • Pocket Talkers
  • Alternate Formats of Materials
  • Braille Service
  • Reading Machines
  • TTYs/TDDs



Additional Information can be found by visiting the Judicial Branch's webpage at​