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Thank you for your interest in serving in the role of attorney for the Connecticut Probate Courts.

The Integrity of the Practice/Pro Bono Subcommittee of the CBA Estates & Probate Section publishes the Manual for Court-Appointed Attorneys in Courts of Probate. This resource provides key practice guidelines for attorneys practicing in the Probate Courts.

If you wish to be added to the Probate Court Administration Attorney Panel and be paid from the Probate Court Administration Fund, please complete and return three forms to Probate Court Administration: the Attorney Application, the State of Connecticut Agency Vendor Form (SP-26NB) and the W-9 (see below). They are also available at Vendor Profile Form SP-26NB.

The tax identification number, business entity, name and address must match on all forms for you to be set up in the accounts payable system.

Please mail these forms to the Office of the Probate Court Administrator.

Below is the fee schedule for attorneys appointed by the Probate Court for indigent clients and a blank Attorney Invoice. The fee schedule contains instructions on how to complete the invoice. Be sure to assign a unique invoice number on each invoice and remember that all invoices must be submitted to the Probate Court within six (6) months from the date services are rendered.

The Comptroller’s Office now offers two valuable services, Electronic Funds Transfer of payments and a Vendor Self-Service web site for accounts payable information. If you are interested in participating, send the Electronic Funds Transfer form and a copy of the W-9 to the address at the top of the EFT form.

The website is located at

Please contact Probate Court Administration if you have any questions.   

 How to Volunteer for Pro Bono Legal Services
For information about volunteering to provide Pro Bono legal services in the Probate Courts, please visit the Connecticut Pro Bono Network. 
To volunteer to perform Pro Bono legal services in the Probate Courts, please click below.