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Connecticut’s Probate Courts are responsible for a broad range of cases involving children, seniors, persons with mental illness and adults with intellectual disability. The mission of the Probate Court system, given the sensitive nature of the matters that we handle, is to provide an approachable forum for families to resolve their cases in a fair, prompt and economical manner.
This website is intended to provide support for court users. It includes information about the types of cases that the Probate Courts handle, User Guides that explain various aspects of probate law, and a list of court fees. There are fillable forms to help users provide all the information that is legally required to bring a case in a Probate Court.
The website includes a directory of courts to help you determine which Probate Court serves your area. It also has a case lookup function so that you can search for pending estate and trust matters and identify which court is handling a particular case.
Customer service is a top priority for the Probate Courts. In addition to the resources available on the website, court users may call or stop in at a court to get assistance from court staff. Court clerks cannot give legal advice, but they can answer general questions about how the court works, explain procedures and provide copies of blank forms and documents in court files.
We hope that this website is helpful and welcome your feedback.

                    Beverly K. Streit-Kefalas

                    Probate Court Administrator