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To eFile with the Connecticut Probate Courts, click here.

The eFiling System for the Connecticut Probate Courts is currently limited to attorneys (Attorney/Law Firm account) and self-represented parties (Individual account). If you are not an attorney or a self-represented party, you will not be able to electronically file or view documents at this time.


For error messages or technical issues uploading documents, viewing documents or managing profiles, please submit a help request to TurboCourt Customer Online Support by clicking HERE. 

Submitting an online help request is the most expeditious means of addressing issues.

Please provide a detailed description of the issue you are having including the following information:

​1. The Probate Court

2. Form Set Number

3. Payment Transaction ID (if you made a payment)

4. Case Number (for Delivered/eFiled cases)

5. A screen shot, if possible

You can also contact support by telephone at (888) 372-1790.

For questions relating to the status of a filing, Probate Court forms, hearing dates or other case specific matters, please contact the Probate Court in which the case is pending.

eFiling Standards​

The Office of the Probate Court Administrator published eFiling Standards pursuant to section 21.1 of the Probate Court Rules of Procedure.  The Standards are intended to supplement the Rules of Procedure, statutory provisions and caselaw. Users should periodically review these Standards as they will be updated on an ongoing basis.  To view the Standards, click here.​

eFiling frequently asked questions


1. How do I create a law firm account?

2. What if the individual with the Company Administrator role leaves the law firm?​

3. Can an attorney have more than one TurboCourt account?

4. Should an attorney be a User or Filing Administrator?

5. How does an attorney change contact information with the Probate Courts?

6. May an attorney use a firm juris number?

7. What if I change firms?

8. What if an attorney leaves my firm?

9. What does it mean if the eFiling system indicates that an attorney’s juris number is inactive or invalid?

10. How does a paralegal or other support staff create an account?

11. Can an individual who is not an attorney working for multiple law firms have one TurboCourt account?

12. How does a party who is not an attorney update his or her contact information?

13. How do I create an account for a Connecticut state agency?

14. How do I create an account for a business that is not a law firm?

15. How do I change my TurboCourt username or password?

16. If I forget my TurboCourt password, how can I get the password or have the password reset?


17. What case types may be initiated electronically?​​

18. If the case was originally filed on paper, can subsequent filings be electronically submitted?

19. How do I eFile a form from the Probate Court website?

20. How do I create a PDF document?

21. Can I eFile more than one document in a case at the same time?

22. Do I eFile an estate tax return and attachments as one document?

23. How do I eFile an appearance?

24. The court appointed me as attorney or guardian ad litem. Do I need to file an appearance?

25. Should I include a transmittal letter with my formset?

26. What should I review before I submit my formset to the court?

27. Can I change the “Title/Description” that the eFiling system assigns when I upload a document?

28. How do I request that the court seal or redact a document?

29. How will I know the status of a formset filed with the court?

30. I received a notification that my for​mset was delivered to the court. Does that mean everything was submitted properly?​

31. I received a notification that my formset was delivered to the court, but the notification does not include the case name or number. Where do I find the case name and number?​

32. How soon can I view a document after I eFile it?

33. How will the court communicate with eFilers?

34. Can I obtain a decree with the court’s seal from the court?

35. Will the court send fiduciary certificates through the eFiling system?

36. Will the court send documents that need to be recorded with a town clerk through the eFiling system?

38. Am I required to eFile a will for filing only?

39. Am I required to send a copy of an eFiled formset to the other parties and attorneys?

40. Are attorneys required to send copies of appearances to other parties?

41. If I eFile a document in error, can I recall it?

42. Can I file documents with the court by email?​


43. Is there a general case look up?

44. Are all documents in a probate matter available to the general public through the eFiling system?

45. If I am a registered user, do I automatically get case access?

46. If I am an attorney, how can I request eFiling access to a case?

47. If I am a self-represented person, how do I view documents?

48. How do I look up information on one of my cases through the eFiling system?

49. Can several people from my firm view the case simultaneously?

50. What does it mean if there is no hyperlink to a document?

51. Can I view a court document in a closed matter?


52. What forms of payment are accepted by the Connecticut Probate Courts?

53. How do I pay by electronic check?

54. Can I file electronically and pay later at the clerk’s office or by mail?

55. Am I required to pay document recording fees electronically?

56. Can I pay outstanding balances electronically?

57. Can I pay service of process fees electronically?

58. Can I pay for newspaper notices electronically?

59. Can I file a request for a fee waiver electronically?

60. What happens if my fee waiver is denied?

61. What can I do if I inadvertently file and pay the filing fee or other court fee for the same case twice?

62. Who do I contact if I am having a problem with my credit card payment?


63. What do I do if I need assistance?​


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